Dynabook Idea, 1972

35 years later

Etoys on OLPC

Etoys comes pre-installed on all OLPC builds. The following instructions are for testing new versions only.

Installing the latest version (network, automatically)

Install the etoys repository once (in Terminal):
	wget etoys.laptop.org/etoys-beta.repo
	cp etoys-beta.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
You only need to do the above once (or after you re-installed your XO). Then every time you want to upgrade
	yum upgrade etoys

Installing the latest version (network, manually)

If the above does not work, download and install the beta RPMs manually. In the Terminal activity:
	wget -c http://etoys.laptop.org/rpms/etoys-latest.rpm
	rpm -Uvh etoys-latest.rpm
If downloading the big rpm file fails half-way, repeat the "wget" line until it finished successfully.

To save space after successfully upgrading Etoys manually, remove the downloaded package:

	rm etoys-latest.rpm

Installing the latest version using USB (no network)

Download one of the beta RPMs and put it on a USB memory stick. Here is the latest:
Plug the USB stick into your XO. In the Journal you can see the name of the stick. Then in the Terminal activity:
	rpm -Uvh /media/NAME_OF_USB_STICK/etoys-latest.rpm
Before unplugging the USB stick, unmount it in the Journal.

Determining the installed version

In Terminal, type
	rpm -q etoys squeak-vm

Source tarballs

Get them from sugarlabs.org.

For other systems

Download Etoys from Squeakland.

Further Information

Visit squeakland.org.